Program Staff are required to be members in good standing as Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs) with the Ontario College of ECEs, maintain up-to-date First Aid, CPR and Anaphylaxis training, WHMIS training, immunizations, and provide up-dated CPICs at least every 3 years. Our staff are committed to providing quality childcare and early learning experiences for all children.

Staffing Ratios

We follow the requirement of the Ontario Day Nurseries Act. Staff-to-child ratios are maintained as follows:
Infants 1:3 or 3:10
Toddlers 1:5
Preschoolers 1:8

ECE Placement Students

Both houses offer placement opportunities to first- and second-year Early Childhood Education students from St. Lawrence College.  ECE Students gain valuable workplace experience under the guidance of our staff.  (Students must also provide 1st Aid/CPR, immunization and CPIC documentation but are not counted in staffing ratios.).