Fees & Registrations

 Fee Schedule

Fees change by child’s age. Children transition from one group to the next based on age, space availability, and development. If a child is unable to move up to the next group for any reason (no available space, developmental concerns, etc.), the fee still changes based on the child’s age. If space is available in the next group, our Mack Street license allows us to transition children from one age group to the next beginning at 15 months when moving from the Infant to the Toddler group; and at 30 months when moving from the Toddler group to the Preschool group.


If space is not immediately available, please complete and submit the first two pages of the Registration Form and your child’s information will be added to our Wait List. (No fee is required at this time.)

Once space is offered and accepted, a non-refundable $25 registration fee along with first month’s fees are required to hold the space. (If applying for Childcare Subsidy, please call Child Care Programs at 613-546-2695 to be placed on the Wait List for subsidy.)

To attend, all children must have:
-a completed and signed Registration form, including Authorization form;
-an up-to-date copy of Immunization Record (as per K.F.L.& A Public Health requirements OR the Health Unit’s Affidavit of Exemption.)

Children in our Infant, Toddler and Preschool groups do not need to be toilet-trained to attend, and toilet training and proper hygiene are a part of our everyday routines.


One month’s written notice is required when withdrawing a child from the Centre or one month’s fees are charged in lieu of notice. This allows the Centre time to fill the vacancy.

Early Payment Discounts and Late Payment Penalty

Fees are due in advance of care, on the first day of each month.

Instead of allowing vacation time, we provide a 2% discount if monthly fees are received in full on or before the Early Payment Date indicated on the monthly statement. This is approximately the 4th or 5th last weekday of the previous month (eg: Fees for March 2019 are due March 1st, 2019; for those who pay by February 24th, a 2% discount credit appears on their April statement.). Because this discount is based on the date payment is received by us, this discount appears as a credit on the following month’s statement. The 2% discount is equivalent to two weeks of fees saved over the course of a year.

We also have a late Payment Penalty of $2.00 per day for fees not received within three days past the due date.

Annual Tax Receipts

Annual Tax Receipts, as well as employer Child Care Support forms, as requested by parents, are provided at no additional charge.

Child Care Subsidy

If applying for child care subsidy from the City of Kingston’s Child Care Programs Department, please call 613-546-2695 to get on the Wait List for subsidy.

If you have had your eligibility appointment, and have confirmed with us that space is available, you will need to sign a Confirmation of Space form, which we will then fax to Child Care Programs so that they may issue your approval letter.

www.cityofkingston.ca/residents/community-services/childcare/childcare-subsidies »