General Info

Hours of Operation

We are open Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 5:30pm year-round excluding the following eleven statutory holidays:

New Year’s Day Canada Day Christmas Day
Good Friday Civic Holiday Boxing Day
Easter Monday Labour Day Family Day
Victoria Day Thanksgiving

We also close at 1pm on the workdays before Christmas and New Year’s. Regular fees apply for statutory holidays.

We CLOSE at 5:30pm. We have a late pick up penalty of $5 if after 5:30pm and $10 for each 15 minutes thereafter.


Morning snack, lunch (usually hot) and a mid-afternoon snack are served daily following the Canada Food Guide and the recommendations of K.F.L.& A. Public Health. Wherever possible we use whole wheat and whole grain pastas, cereals, crackers and breads, lots and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables; whole milk (3.25%) is used in the Infant and Jr.Toddler groups; 2% milk is used for Sr. Toddlers and Preschoolers. Due to the high natural sugars found in fruit juices, we do not serve any fruit juice; preferring to serve water and fresh fruit.

For children with food allergies or who are on special diets (eg: vegan, halal, gluten-free, casein-free, etc.), parents must provide appropriate substitutions in accordance with the Canada Food Guide.

Anaphylaxis/Allergy Policy

At any given time there are children in attendance with severe allergies that may result in life-threatening anaphylactic reactions. For this reason, we ask that families DO NOT bring outside food to daycare unless approved, and in those cases, please ensure it is in a container clearly marked with your child’s name, and given directly to kitchen staff.

As required under Ontario’s Day Nurseries Act, we follow a strict Anaphylaxis Policy. Children with anaphylaxis are required to have a physician signed Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan posted throughout the centre, and may not attend if their Epinephrine Auto injector (Epipen) is not here. It is strongly recommended that an extra Epipen be left at daycare.

Symptoms of Ill Health

We follow the recommendations of K.F.L.&A. Public Health with regard to symptoms of ill health and exclusion periods. Children must be fever-free, UNMEDICATED, for at least 24 hours before they may return to daycare; and must be symptom-free for a minimum of 48 hours after experiencing vomiting or diarrhea.

This policy is for the protection of all children to help reduce the spread of illness and thereby inconveniencing as few families as possible.

Full Childhood Illness posters are posted in both centres and include symptoms and exclusion periods where applicable.

Special Needs

Unfortunately, neither of our locations are wheelchair accessible. We do however serve children with other identified special needs (physical, intellectual and behavioural) and have a long history of working co-operatively with outside agencies such as Community Living Kingston, Pathways and Early Expressions. » » »