I had the pleasure to not only be a staff member at Corner Clubhouse but also a parent.  I had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of my daughter’s daily routine and could not be happier with the care she received.  She thrived at Corner Clubhouse.

She is a strong, independent child with lots of energy and personality!  There was always something for her to be excited about at the daycare and her day was filled with a large number of activities to peak her interests and she had lots of friends.  However, the thing I am most grateful for is the connection she had with the staff members.  They really understood and “got” who she is.  They helped her personality shine, which is so important to me.  Our time at Corner Clubhouse will always be remembered fondly with a smile on our faces.

playing outside

I had the privilege of working at Corner Clubhouse Daycare Centre for 2 years.  I met many wonderful families and taught many wonderful children while there, as well as working and building many relationships with the great staff.  It was always a joy going to work at such a fun place.

My daughters also went the the centres, and enjoyed the friends they made.  The staff are very caring and welcomed my children with open arms!  I felt very confortable knowing that my daughters were in the care of wonderful teachers who worked on making their daycare experience a pleasant one.

I highly recommend Corner Clubhouse Daycare to any and all families.

picture of the outside of the daycare

My daughter was at the Corner Clubhouse for several years (from 2008-2011) and it was just perfect. A little house with a lot of caring people in it, plenty of curriculum and fun, run by people with a lot of experience.

Anne Marie
fence at the daycare

As a busy, dual career family, we were very appreciative of the flexibility Corner Clubhouse provided. We felt very comfortable having our son spend the whole day as we knew he was in a very nurturing and stimulating environment. Corner Clubhouse also put an extra level of importance on “the little things” such as routine tooth brushing, using green cleaning products and providing varied, healthy snacks. Two things we loved were that the staff always did a good job of informing us of how our son’s day was and were very consistently cheerful at the end of a very long, busy day.

It was such a treat to have J bring home his special artwork or projects. We also were so impressed by the nice touch of having the children fall asleep to softly playing opera music. We cherish our Corner Clubhouse experience and miss those days.